Up and running! - The Pizza Fraction Calculator
Here we go, domain and everything.
Still apparently at least one bug in the system: if I play around with the same pizza for long enough, I can create a situation in which it's drawing secant lines across the pizza (not through the center). This has something to do with the blowtorch, a tool I added just this past week. It may also have something to do with the way the program keeps track of groups of slices.

Short term:
-Sound effects.
-Improved playability (some things are difficult to click).
Longer term:
-Animation of fractions as they change (actually show fractions joining together, reducing, etc.)
-This is the biggest thing: A quiz that will challenge the user to solve fraction problems using the manipulative, and will make this a kind of puzzle game.
7/18/2012 04:53:39 am

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    My name is Alex Teich. I teach math, and I also like to make things, like this fraction manipulative. I'm going to chart my progress with it on this blog. Any advice or feedback is welcome- from programmers, mathematicians, educators, or anyone with an opinion.


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